Indonesian Food | The sawah bring you to the new horizon of Balinese cuisine. . . “It’s made of 64

The sawah bring you to the new horizon of Balinese cuisine. .
"It's made of 64

The sawah bring you to the new horizon of Balinese cuisine. .
“It’s made of 64°C duck egg, heritage Galuh rice from Tegalalang, fern powder, snails, frog floss and wild chili flowers.” Those are description of ‘Into the Sawah’, @restaurantlocavore ‘s specialty that wins customers’ heart. Locavore is one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in the world, @theworlds50best wise, who proudly using local products. For example the duck egg, some people may avoid cause the strong aroma. Yet in Locavore, it turns into some delicate, fascinating lunch to have a date with the sun on the beach. .

📸 Thank you @restaurantlocavore for the great pic!
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