Indonesian Food | The legendary fish dish since almost 80 years ago is in Sanur. . Tasting freshne

The legendary fish dish since almost 80 years ago is in Sanur.
Tasting freshne

The legendary fish dish since almost 80 years ago is in Sanur.
Tasting freshness from the sea is totally a must when you visit Bali. Not to missed a refreshing fish soup by Mak Beng. First of all, the legend was only serve fried fish or ikan goreng. They continue serving today with steamed rice, fish soup, and sambal terasi. The sambal terasi has distinctive taste as it passed from generation to generation. .

The famous fried fish is made with base genep or Balinese spice blend. While the fish soup is a joint of savory and light texture with the refreshing slices of cucumber. .

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